To the struggling soul

I want to hug you because I feel so much with you. 

This pain, desperation, struggle…I know it so well. 

I look at you and I can see me. 

I just want to hug you and tell you that you are enough as you are. That you are loved. That you are beautiful. 

Remember…it is not your struggle. It is every souls’ struggle. 

We are all on our way home. And we are not only here to experience pleasure but also and upmost to learn our lessons about life and the universe. 

True happiness is not the short living feeling we call happiness. 

True happiness is contentment. True happiness is when we can truly accept life for what it is. 

When we can truly accept feelings for what they are. 

When we can truly accept thoughts for what they are.  

We have feelings but we are not the feelings. 

We have thoughts but we are not the thoughts. 

You are walking the path and you are doing great. 

You will find a way to put the pieces together and create something beautiful. I am sure of that. 

You will go through this challenging time not ending up bitter and sad but strong and beautiful.

And with strong I do not mean “I cannot show weakness” strong. 

With strong I mean centred. Resting within yourself. At peace. 

With a deep understanding and knowing that nourishes you from within. That allows you to see the world with different eyes. 

Challenging times teach us a lot. 

How else should we learn what it truly means to forgive? What it truly means to let go? How to step out of a difficult situation and see the bigger picture? How to truly embrace what ever is? 

Challenging times are part of the way home. They are part of our evolution. 

You will learn to rise above the challenging times through having the right attitude towards life and what happens to you. 

This is the key dear struggling soul. 

You cannot change what happened to you. But you can choose your attitude towards it. You can influence how it affects you. This is in your hands.

I wish you the strength to keep going and the ability to see the potential that lies within this challenging time. 

I believe in you you know that, don’t you?

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