My dream

My dream is to walk on the beach feeling the sand beneath my feet and the fresh breeze on my skin.

To kiss my love good night and drift away into sleep listening to his heart beat.

To listen to the stories the wind whispers rustling in the leaves.

To gaze at the stars becoming aware of the vastness of the universe.

To laugh from the bottom of my heart knowing deeply that life is beautiful.

To wake up in the morning refreshed and with curiosity for a new day.

To go to sleep at night with a prayer of gratefulness on my lips.

To fully drink from the river of life allowing myself to be carried away by its stream.

To observe the dance of the butterflies seeing the lushness, abundance and beauty of nature.

To give into that force that turns seeds into trees and catarpillars into butterflies allowing it to be my guidance.

To fully trust and live without worrying knowing that I will be fine. Always.

To see the beauty and innocence in everyone I cross paths with and to let love, compassion and understanding be my language.

To show up for all aspects of life, the joyful and hurtful ones, being vulnerable yet strong.

To be able to be and sit with whatever comes up without judgement.

To be a gift for my family and friends, spreading love and light.

To celebrate life with all its facets embracing it fully and being present every single moment.

To become aware of the small and big miracles around me.

To dive deep and explore life fully.

To be. Fully alive. Present. Now.

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