What Self-Love means for me

For me, self-love means being present for myself. Always.

It means seeing myself through the most loving eyes.

It means having an open ear for myself and being aware of my needs.

It means being my best friend and my loudest cheerleader.

It means never turning away from myself with a wrinkled nose but staying at my side, no matter what.

For me, self-love means knowing that I am worth it.

It means taking responsibility. For me and my physical, emotional and mental well-being.

It means saying yes to me.

It means freeing myself from old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me. But always with love and gratitude in my heart knowing they once had a purpose.

For me, self-love means trusting and following my inner voice.

It means opening the doors wide and letting life in. With all its facets.

It means crying when I feel like crying and laughing when I feel like laughing.

For me, self-love means forgiving myself for all those moments when I was not there or when I was mean to myself.

It means not exposing myself to situations or people that are not good for me.

It means surrounding myself with people who love me the way I am.

It means following activities that make my heart sing.

For me, self-love means acknowledging that I am enough at this moment.

It means allowing myself to be. To breathe. To feel. To taste. To smell. To listen. To see.

It means allowing Mother Earth to nourish and restore me.

It means allowing the rain to cleanse me softly and the wind to shift my energy, caressing my skin tenderly.

It means letting the sun and moon teach me the art of giving and receiving.

For me, self-love means being connected with all the beings here on earth. The seen and the unseen ones.

It means being connected with the spirits and angels and allowing them to show me the path.

It means allowing myself to be a child of God knowing that I am guided and protected. Always.

It means spreading my wings and flying towards the sky. Courageous and full of trust. With gratitude in my heart for everything I have and everything I am.

For me, self-love means opening my heart and pulsating in the rhythm of the Universe.

4 thoughts on “What Self-Love means for me

  1. This is just… I’m searching for words to describe my feelings after reading yours. I don’t try. I just thank you to open my eyes to listen even more carefully to my inner voice and feelings and respect them more profoundly. Thank you.


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