The power of mantras

Mantras are a powerful tool to raise your vibration. I use them on a daily basis to connect with myself and surrender to the higher.

The beauty of Sanskrit mantras

I personally like to chant Sanskrit mantras. The beauty of Sanskrit mantras is, that the meaning and the vibration of words are interconnected. This means that by for example repeating the mantra “om namah shivaya”, which can be roughly translated with “my salutations to Shiva, the auspicious and gracious one” or “I bow to Shiva”, we do not only salute Shiva with words but also (and more importantly) create a vibration that holds the energy of Shiva.

Devoting to different forms of the divine universal energy

In Hinduism there are many Sanskrit mantras for all the god and goddesses. Each god or goddess represents the manifestation of a certain form of the divine universal energy and stands for certain qualities.

Shiva for example is known as the destroyer and transformer. He destroys in order to make space for new creations. Ganesha is known to remove obstacles. Saraswati ist the goddess of learning and wisdom whereas Lakshmi is often referred to as the goddess of fortune.

Invoking to evoke

Chanting a mantra for one of these god or goddesses is like an invocation with the intention to evoke the energy of the respective god or goddess within oneself.

A Ganesha mantra is for example like a prayer to Ganesha that his energy may emerge and manifest within oneself so that one has the power and strength to remove obstacles.

Choosing mantras according to your needs

Once you understand which qualities a god or goddess stands for, you can chose your mantras according to your needs.

If you are in a transition phase and you want to let old patterns behind in order to create space for something new, a Shiva mantra might be a great support for this phase.

If you are facing some challenges the Ganesha mantra would for sure be a good choice and so on.

There are of course also mantras that are not specifically a devotion to a god or goddess but have beautiful meanings. I am sure you can find one that resonates with your heart.

Incorporating mantras into your daily life

There is certainly no right or wrong when it comes to incorporating mantras into your daily life. You can sing mantras in the shower, while you are cooking or on your way to the office.

Chanting a couple of mantras can also be part of your morning or evening routine allowing you to connect with yourself and give you a boost of high vibrations.

I also like to make chanting mantras a meditative practice. I then use a short mantra and repeat it 108 times and set a clear intention combined with a short prayer before I start. I find this a very powerful practice. A string of 108 beads, a so called mala, helps me to count to 108 without being distracted.

You see, there are many options how mantras can enrich your day. Just play with it and enjoy.

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