“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Love is already here. Happiness is already here. Joy is already here. Abundance is already here.

It will flow into your life effortlessly when you find and release the barriers you have built against it.

It’s a journey to yourself. Peeling off layers and layers of patterns and belief systems.

Freeing yourself and steeping into your power. Revealing your beautiful light and letting it shine.

Are you ready to release your barriers?

Thetha Healing is a powerful tool to help free you from barriers in your life to move you towards a self-determined path full of love, happiness, joy and well-being.

I am here to lovingly guide you trough this process.

If you are interested in exploring Theta Healing please contact me via email for more information.


Nanditha was very professional an all aspects of the session e.g. timing, place, …I received total undivided attention and kind presence. Her session was very heartfelt. She was excellent in guiding me in digging for the deeper beliefs. All aspects of the issue were explored and healed. Afterwards I felt more settled in myself and accepting towards myself and forgiving. Thank you Nanditha.

Anna-Liisa Lewis

Nanditha introduced me to Theta Healing. From the first moment we met I felt her presence, focus and the big will to help. 

Her calm voice, the ability to listen and summarise my actual needs created a safe space. This allowed me to let go and open up throughout the whole session.

Nanditha led me into the state of deep meditaiton which helped me to gain clarity, let go old beliefs and change my behaviours.

Thank you Nanditha for helping me with your big and warm heart! I’m looking forward to more healing sessions with you whenever it’s needed again.

Iris Reichlin